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If you suffer from a physical disorder or injury, physical therapy can help get your life back on track.

Chronic pain disorders can restrict your ability to perform everyday tasks and dramatically impact your life. The pain can be so severe that people are bedridden and can’t drive, shower or even walk. In some cases, the pain comes and goes, but for others, the pain is constant. If you suffer from chronic pain or another condition that inhibits your way of life, physical therapy can help.

Whether you suffer from an injury or chronic condition or are recovering from a surgical procedure, physical therapy can help restore your mobility, balance and strength. Even if you don’t need treatment for chronic pain or rehabilitation, physical therapy can enhance your quality of life by optimizing your health, your durability and the way your body functions. If you have a family history of a certain condition, you may benefit from physical therapy as a preventive measure to reduce your risk of being affected by that condition. Patients of all ages can benefit from this type of therapy, whether for prevention or rehabilitation.

Am I a Candidate for Physical Therapy?

While pain disorders are one of the most common conditions treated by physical therapy, you can see a physical therapist even if you’re not in pain. Physical therapy can treat a wide range of conditions, including injuries, muscle spasms, certain diseases, concussions, urinary incontinence, post-surgery rehabilitation and much more. Physical Therapy can also be used to prevent your risk of injury by keeping your body working like a well-oiled machine.

At In Motion O.C. Physical Therapy in Huntington Beach, we offer tailored treatment plans to promote your physical health and well-being. These plans include thorough evaluations, hands-on techniques, therapeutic exercise treatments, education, at-home exercises and various modalities. We believe in patient education to help you understand how physical therapy with the right exercises and care can help overcome bodily injuries and other physical ailments.

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Alleviate Chronic Pain and Conditions

If you have persistent pain that lasts weeks or even years, you are suffering from chronic pain. Imagine living with chronic back pain, being in agony while trying to do simple everyday activities like walk your dog, wash the dishes or play with your kids. Chronic pain may prevent you from living the active lifestyle you want and enjoying life. It may even prevent you from being able to work. Unfortunately, painkillers only offer temporary relief and may leave you tired and in a fog, and what’s worse is that they can become addictive.

Medical conditions like lymphedema can cause chronic swelling and inflammation that require physical therapy to prevent fluid buildup. Some conditions can cause weakness and reduced muscle mass, and P.T. can combat this degeneration by strengthening your muscles and bones.

If you suffer from chronic pain or a medical condition that’s affecting you physically, physical therapy can help you live a healthier and more active life. P.T offers a natural way of treating and managing your chronic pain and conditions so you don’t have to rely on painkillers or other medication.

Rehabilitate After Injuries or Surgery

As we move through life, injuries are inevitable. People are commonly injured in automobile accidents and at work. Repetitive stress injuries from overuse and improper movement techniques can affect your muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments. Sports injuries are especially common, and they can prevent you from participating in games or activities and keeping your athletic skills sharp.

Unfortunately, some injuries are more damaging than others. Rehabilitation may be needed to treat your injury and reduce the risk of reinjuring yourself in the future. Surgery, whether necessary to treat an injury or another condition, also puts a strain on your body that requires proper healing and rehabilitation.

Physical therapy to rehabilitate your body after an injury or surgery provides the care needed to strengthen your muscles and restore your ability to move without causing pain or damage. Our personalized rehabilitation techniques also help to speed up your healing process, decrease swelling, reduce scar tissue and prevent chronic pain. Your physical therapist will be able to target the specific weakened or damaged areas of the body and relieve stress.